Note: makes no claim about the reliability, accuracy, or trustworthiness of any affiliate provider. While we will attempt to keep our information updated and warn of bad affiliates, it is your responsibility to monitor your earnings and choose a good service.

How to choose a good affiliate service

One of the best ways to check the trustworthiness of an affiliate is the WJunction thread. We will link to the official or most popular thread, but you should also search the forum for additional information on the provider. Jump to the last page of replies on the thread, and you can see what Wjunction members are saying about receiving (or not receiving) payments.

See what file hosts other people are using. If it is popular, it may be for good reason and something to consider.
The website age is one indicator of a host's longevity. If it has been around for a while, it is more likely than a brand new host to fly by night. By default, listings are sorted from oldest to newest. Note that even an old host can still go broke and stop giving payouts.

If you are waiting on a payout, please contact the host and wait a few days to try and resolve the issue. They may be having temporary trouble, or on a vacation. Don't immediately panic and call "scam", because this may unduly damage their reputation over a small misunderstanding.

However, if you do have a bad experience, or poor service, please rate the host accordingly and leave a comment so that other members will know to avoid them. Conversely, rate up the good hosts and leave positive comments to show your appreciation and let others know they're on the up-and-up.